:: Welcome to Azerra

Web design company Azerra is here to share our passion about creating good websites. When we approach a site design we take into consideration your business needs and those of your visitors. This helps ensure that your site is right for you, and achieves your goals.

We believe strongly that the overall experience of visitors to your web site is very important. Using well-established principles, we design your site to make sure it:

  • Uses Standards Compliant Code
  • Is as Accessible as possible
  • Offers Simplicity with Clean, Attractive, and Clearly Presented Information
  • Is Usable with Clear Navigation and Intuitive Interface
  • Has Fast Loading Pages
  • Achieves Your Goals
Of course, a fantastic site that gets no visitors is useless. That's why we're committed to helping you promote your site- via search engines, email marketing, or traditional marketing methods - to encourage high traffic levels.


We believe your web site should be visually attractive, interesting, provide easy navigation, and easy on your budget. It must clearly communicate the right message in the right way. Simplicity, ease of use, and clear navigation provide powerful web design tools that enhance the customer experience, and your bottom line as a business owner.

We also believe that the ‘start-to-finish’ design and development process should be simple and straightforward. We will provide effective communication with you on your level, whether you are having a new web designed or are looking at a redesign of an existing site. We recognize the importance of finding a reliable web design company that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Don't know where to start? If you would like to know more then contact us today for a free consultation. You can reach us via phone at (408)449-6797 or through our Contact Form.