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Our standard web site design process is as follows:

1. Contact Us
Contact Azerra.com to set up a free consultation. You can reach us via phone at (408)449-6797 or through our Contact Form.

2. Free Consultation
We will arrange a time to meet by phone in person if your business is in the local area. This will help us define the scope of your needs and enable us to answer any of your questions. From this fact finding mission we can learn about your business and develop a plan for how best to present your business message online. With our analysis of your target market, products, and services we can help you promote your business via your web site. At this meeting we will be able to give you a fairly accurate estimate for the cost in the design and production of your web site.

3. Proposal Presented
If at the end of this meeting your interest is high, we will provide you with a basic contract, project outline with estimate, and hosting or domain name form if needed. Look over the contract and estimate, sign and date the contract and return with any necessary fees or deposits and we will be on our way to creating a great web presence for your company.

4. Gather Content
Once started we will need to gather more information. We will ask you to write and compile content for your web-site. You are the expert in your business so it is important for you to provide us with this information. We will assist you in this process. Additionally, we can also utilize any existing marketing materials that you can provide. This can include brochures, digital art work, photographs, presentations, etc. It is also helpful to visit some of your competitor’s web sites to look for ideas and determine what information and how it is presented on their web sites.

5. Design Site
Once we have gathered this content we will start developing the site architectural framework. This is when the actual development coding of the web site begins. Page layout and graphics are created and content imbedded. You will be able to view progress as the site is being designed via a temporary site location. This will provide you with opportunities to provide input on any design changes that you may feel are necessary.

6. Customer Review
Once complete we ask you to perform a complete review of the site to ensure that all the content is correct. Double check everything from spelling to contact information and business information. Remember that this web site and the information it contains represents your business. We believe image is very important in business.

7. Extensive Testing
Once complete, we will test everything. All links will be tested, every button pushed. The site will be checked and rechecked before final release.

8. Release
The next step in the production process is publishing the web site to the final host with its own domain name. Now it will be accessible to everyone on the internet.

9. Search Engine Submissions
Once released, the final step will be to submit your site to multiple search engines. It is very important in developing your presence on the web by promoting your web site. We will provide one search engine submission to the most popular directories such as Google, Yahoo, etc.

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